The Deaf Dog

"Know what you Know,Do what you Do,Never let nobody take that from you, When all's said and done, at the end of the day...YOU will be the one who don't care what they say!"

IF You Can Read This You Are A Special Person and Deserve To Learn What You Are About To Learn,I have made this page VERY HARD to get to on purpose and If You got here You are In for A treet!                  

In today's world we need all the help we can get and as cheap as we can get it, WELL HOW BOUT FREE!                        It just don't get any cheaper than that,          not for anything real

Some times You swear people make it as hard as humanly  possible to understand what they are trying to tell you,Like they want you to get discouraged and Quite or pay more to learn more! (Have you got what it takes)?

Then there's others who will hold the light for you and wait for you to get to the top step before they turn the light down the long hallway of success,witch contains many doors.ALL FOR FREE!

     And even then you are sometimes left saying....WHAT DOORS SHOULD I OPEN!

WHAT DOORS SHOULD I NEVER OPEN!  Cause GOD KNOWS some of these doors shouldn't Be so much as cracked open,cause a whirl wind of shit will come flying into your place,  and this can take a long time to clean up! I just want to let you know,  I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE!

Now when you finally start to get any-ware and you think you really got it STOP! slap your self upside the head  and say WAKE UP! cause if ya don't some one else is sure to do it for ya ,You gotta stay on your toes This is not easy,like right now as I write these words ,I can't help but wonder If they are being stolen,not so much the EXACT words but concept,the framework of what I am trying to say,trying to do , whether I hit the publish button OR NOT! 

Yes its a DOG eat DOG world out here some time I wonder If  my mind has a live feed!

                    WANNA PLAY WITH THE BIG DOGS!

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