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The Powers Of The Deaf Dog

Posted by TheDeafDog on December 16, 2009 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Now Spot always sleeps at my feet (matter of fact he is here right now.)But one particular night IT was pouring OK I'll say Cats and Dogs And I was having what I thought was a dream,A Nightmare. As I slept I was envisioning My dogs face CLOSE UP and he was cold I FELT IT,He lay there just squinting as water poured down his eyelids and dripped of his chin and I could here a slight sigh and a little wine from him, he would look me right in the eye and perk up a bit 

then when I did not respond he would sigh and lay his head back down,I may have not really woke up but I started to feel like I was waring a heavy coat and it was soaking through. When I jumped up only  to find I was not wet at all!  I wondered why I did not step on Spot,(witch is common) so I started searching the house looking for him,no sense to call him He is deaf.

After searching for twenty minutes, I went to the window and paired out into the rainy night,It was raining so hard it was like a waterfall just flowing over the side of the roof. Then I noticed there is something on the picnic table,I opened the door and realized it was Spot! Right then I felt soaked again,I actually am getting goose bumps right now as I write.So already feeling wet I walked right out into te rain (in my skibies) and no shoes or shirt.I slowly walked up to the table were spot lay ( he was on top of course he always did that) so I sat right down In the rain and looked him right in the face,He hadn't noticed at first, and what I saw was EXACTLY what I was dreaming! A Rush came over me as I realized what had just happened.I reached out through the stream  of water and touched the top of his head,when I did he lifted his head quick and looked at me and I could hear an ever so  gentle voice say "you hear me dad", I said "ya I hear ya"We sat right there for a good ten minutes while I pet him and he appreciated me (just the way he looks at you when you give him a real attention)       Then I said lets go old man (but not out loud) and we headed on into the house and slept on the floor in front of the wood stove the rest of the night. Now that was not the first time we communicated like that ,but it was the first time I REALLY KNEW,and to day he goes with me every ware,He will wait for me on the job 8 hrs just hanging around sometimes carrying a piece of drywall or whatever I may be working with,
But he will always carry my heart .And his beats within me.
No... I haven't all the answers,just the facts.

The Deaf Dog

Posted by TheDeafDog on October 31, 2009 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (1)

When spot was born the mother left him in the sack and kept taking care of the other puppies being born,I could see the sack (they are born in) moving but could not get the mother to do nothing with him.HE WAS GONNA SUFFOCATE! So I ripped open the sack and had to revive this little pure white puppy. (I won't say how). He was all bright white except for one black spot on his side ,So we named him SPOT.(Should have been LUCKY) It wasn't till later that we realized he was deaf.Then as he got older I started to realize other things about Spot.
Which I will be talking  about in this blog.
  See you soon

Thanks     The Deaf Dog