The Deaf Dog

"Know what you Know,Do what you Do,Never let nobody take that from you, When all's said and done, at the end of the day...YOU will be the one who don't care what they say!"

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 I am glad you are here,but not sure how or why,                                                      I am thinking you were only passing by.                    
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                                   I ASK MY DOG

   I ask my Dog... "Should I trust this man?, I ask my Dog,cause he understands.
 I ask my Dog...   "Wanna go for a walk?" he says "Yes" ,(Though he can't talk).
I ask my Dog...   "Wanna go out?" , Well, he can't talk b but he sure can shout!
I ask my Dog...   "Whatcha wanna do?"  He says, "Lead the way and I'll follow you"
I ask my Dog...    "Where do we go?"     He says ,"I'll lead the way if you don't know"
I ask my Dog I ask my Dog...I ask my Dog... cause he's MY GOD! Yeeeee Haaaa! LOL

 I ask my Dog... "Do you like this girl?" He says "shes ok , let's give her a whirl."
I ask my Dog...   "What do I say?" He says "Tell her not to act that way"
I ask my Dog...  Why people fight, I ask my Dog, Why tragedy strikes,
I ask my Dog...  Cause I KNOW he KNOWS, I ask my Dog,Where dose life go?
I ask my Dog.. "Is my friend gonna live",He says,"You may not always like the answers I give"
I ask my Dog... "What is LOVE?" He says . he says... a word humans made up I never herd of!
YA see It's not about Love, it's Not about Faith, YOU figure this out before it's too late!...
All these words like Devotion and Pride, just cover a Power humans learn to hide,civilization is the blame with things like books and video games. Life is given to Us to live,so many just take and Never Give, but when You feel you wanna help,when you here some one crying or a puppy yelp,You break the crust of this cover,and the Power is there for YOU to discover!..
     Now I KNOW it's hard for you to understand, how I could  ask my Dog,"should I buy this land?" I ASK MY DOG cause he is old and wise,he Knows who tells the truth or lies,he Knows if it will rain or snow, I ASK MY DOG cause I KNOW HE'L KNOW!


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Do You Believe in god?

When I was A kid my Mom always said "Your in hell now ,and when you die you will go six feet below it! And she taught Sunday school  years before I was born, so I figured, Mother knows best.  Well life went on  But I always had this feeling ,this power I call it now.

I don't' wanna get to crazy on ya here but this is a subject that I will be talking about in my blog,(Have had some experiences and haven't figured a way to put it into words ....YET.)

and I just had to throw it out here now While it is in my head. To MAKE myself follow up on it weather you believe or not your opinion will be welcome If you subscribe to this site you will be notified when I publish this cut.

  I KNOW.. I Know It has been a while and like this site it's quite a pile,
But here I am still plugging away,this story gets better everyday!
Could it be...God is alive? Or is he content on a hard drive?

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I will be putting short cuts of the actual story as it played/plays out in my life.

       "The Deaf Dog has passed away Sept 27 2014,  If you happen to be hanging around here, I don't wan't to be mean.
But I'm MAD!Mad at God, and mad at myself, why is my prosperity kept on a shelf!
In a quest for dollars,I didn't think twice...and..I left my Buddy the end of his life.
So I guess I feel by publishing this stuff I will some how heal, the whole in my heart that I always feel!
And if you Know me you Know that not one letter is going by as I type these words, with no tears in my eyes."

Ok Lets stop being so serious!

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We took a break while moving one day, Tom picked up the guitar and started to play!  LOL  We had fun anyway.


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