The Deaf Dog

"Know what you Know,Do what you Do,Never let nobody take that from you, When all's said and done, at the end of the day...YOU will be the one who don't care what they say!"


I look at all people in the same way,
not just how they act or what they say.
I render my assistance to all that I can,
accept with no resistance a helping hand.
As for "successful people" many do I meet,
some may live in mansions,yet many in the streets.

The Deaf Dog

The Pen On The Table

The pen on the table calls out to me,
what it says I cannot hear or see,
but what I write when I pick it up,
If you don't like, you can run amok.
~< Bruce Tracy >~
Copyright © 2012


Self Honesty is something you just cannot hide,You are the first to know on the times that you've lied.
If you think for a moment you can lie to yourself,You might as well hide a elephant on your kitchen shelf.
Now the bills in a household SHOULD be combined,In no way should one thing itself be confined.
Yes  rent, lights,food  and heat should surpass,over cigarettes,and cable and smoking of grass!
Yet with no gas in the truck NO ONE will move,Then we'll ALL fall apart and slip into the grove.
The job "Head of household" is a tough one for sure,cause they all look at you and keep wanting more.
Money is the root of all evil they say,But the LOVE of money is what really gets in the way.
If you NEVER had money its no problem at all,But If you have lots and lose it Then your taking a fall.
Maybe deep down I hold myself back,Cause the morals of a rich man is something I lack.
I just can't see myself laughing as I walk on by,An old lady lying on the side walk with a tear in her eye.
If I find myself beside her,then so be it,But you can walk by and laugh and I wont give a shit!
So I guess with these words what I am trying to say,is I Attract Gods Blessing every day.
Sometimes I suffer and sometimes I perk,Yet  always am I  Blessed, as I do His work.
People can laugh and people can grin,They can say I'm crazy and continue there sin.
But the day will come that they face themselves,And their will be that elephant ,sitting on the shelf.

                        What I am Is What I Am , Are You What You Are OR What? 


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Are You Bound For Hell?

True friendship is a bond,  and you know  it right away,
if your new found relation will soon be gone,or is REALLY there to stay.

It really doesn't matter If its a human,Dog or Cat.
Your heart is going to tell you so,
If you allow it up to bat.

Some of us seen so much pain,our heart will grow a shell,
But we must learn to Love again,if not we're bound for hell.


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